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New Feature 11 Jan 2024

Increase your outreach to tech talents in Indonesia at no cost!

New job board partnership with Indonesia Edutech Platform Pijar Mahir (Telkom Group Indonesia)

New Feature 29 May 2023

AI-powered Candidate Match Scoring (Beta)

Zone in on top candidates faster than ever before with our AI-powered candidate scoring!

New Feature 29 Sep 2022

Link your Microsoft Email and Calendar easily in RecruiterPal

Link your Microsoft Email and Calendar seamlessly in your RecruiterPal account in 3 easy steps

Hiring Insights 6 Jul 2022

Finding it difficult to find the right talents? You are not alone.

4 key strategies to amp up your employer brand and outreach

Hiring Insights 5 Nov 2021

Track and manage LinkedIn applications via email

Leverage on the convenience of LinkedIn's One-click Easy Apply and collate applications via email

Regulations 7 Oct 2021

PDPA - Key revisions in 2021 for recruiters to note

We trawled through all 164 pages of the advisory guide and more, so you don't have to.

Hiring Insights 23 Sep 2021

Recruitment Woes: Squid Game vs Reality

Do not read this if you have not watched the insanely popular Netflix series, Squid Game.

Hiring Insights 21 Sep 2021

MFA Email OTP Security - Logging into your RecruiterPal Account Securely

Learn more about this added security layer for your RecruiterPal account with us

Hiring Insights 10 Jun 2021

#WFH: What It Means for Managers and Remote Workers

Discover what WFH means for managers and remote workers and how you can smoothen the challenges

Hiring Insights 7 Jun 2021

Automated job postings to Indeed

Double the exposure on your job postings instantly whenever you post job opportunities to your career page using RecruiterPal

Hiring Insights 8 Feb 2021

Google Workspace Calendar & Email Integration

Amp up your scheduling and emailing game and reach out to candidates at record speed

Hiring Insights 5 Feb 2021

Get More Done in Less Time through RPA

Make it your New Year’s resolution to ease your workload and automate away burdensome tasks with our automation suite

Hiring Insights 3 Feb 2021

Reach out to more candidates via Facebook Jobs

It is now easier than ever to expand your talent outreach via Facebook Jobs and tap on a global outreach to millions of jobseekers.

Hiring Insights 8 Jan 2021

Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

This article is written as part of a 3-part series featuring guest articles from Indeed and Frontier e-HR.

Hiring Insights 6 Jan 2021

A guide to hiring better in 2021

This article is written as part of a 3-part series featuring guest articles from Indeed and Frontier e-HR.

Hiring Insights 18 Dec 2020

Talent Management Playbook - Don't lose focus on the talent!

This article is written as part of a 3-part series featuring guest articles from Indeed and Frontier e-HR.

Resources 20 June 2020

Covid-19 Resources Hub for Employers and HR Teams

Government grants, regulations and resources for businesses

Resources 20 May 2020

Grants and Support Schemes for Singapore Businesses

A non-exhaustive list of support schemes and grants available for businesses in Singapore.

Resources 02 January 2020

Create your own career page for free with RecruiterPal Indonesia!

From the smallest country in Southeast Asia, to the largest, RecruiterPal has made its first overseas stride into Indonesia.

Hiring Insights 20 December 2019

5 Things We Learnt at Google SME Leadership Academy

We distilled out the key insights from the Google SME Leadership Academy for you!

Hiring Insights 20 November 2019

Creating Better Jobs for All Through Technology

An indepth look at insights from Labour Market Advance Release report, and the impact of technology on jobs.

Regulations 20 October 2019

GDPR - All You Need to Know as An Employer

Find out more about what employers need to be mindful of when it comes to data privacy legislations

New Feature 20 September 2019

National Skills Frameworks: Let your job posting write itself

Introducing an all-powerful, all-knowing assistant that quietly does all the work you secretly abhor.

New Feature 20 August 2019

New Help Channel: RecruiterPal Help Centre

Introducing RecruiterPal Knowledge Base, our helpdesk and knowledge centre for all things RecruiterPal

Grant SME 20 Mar 2018

RecruiterPal appointed as Recruitment & Selection Vendor for Enterprise Singapore HR Tech Grant

New grant to adopt and access innovative HR technologies such as RecruiterPal.