Clean and tidy

Your recruiters didn’t get hired to shuffle
papers for approval. RecruiterPal
manpower requisition module is simple
and crafted to remove the friction in
manpower requests, so that your team
can speed ahead to start sourcing for the
right talents.

Remote management

Get rid of cumbersome paper forms once and for all by triggering a digital workflow instead - Automate the sending of email notifications for the users to take the next action.

Reliable fills

Don't be bogged down by manual data entry errors. Progress pre-determined pipelines and have the information auto-filled for you intelligently through RecruiterPal.

Tailored workflows

Set in place approval workflows, approver groups easily with RecruiterPal - Choose the requisition workflow required and let RecruiterPal track and handle the workflow for you.

made easy

Have all your requests tracked and managed from the same platform and draw data insights from the manpower requisition reports.

Ease of collaboration

Involving all rerlevant stakeholders in the approval process has never been easier. Choose the right workflow and let RecruiterPal handle the rest for you.

Email notifications

Get on top of things effortlessly and receive timely updates and reminders on pending actions via RecruiterPal email notifications.

Analytics integration

Have all your requests tracked from the same platform and draw data insights from your manpower requisition reports.

Take your workforce online

Lighten your load with RecruiterPal, as we fast-track your transition to a digital hiring process.

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