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New Indonesia Job Board

New job board partnership with Indonesia Edutech Platform Pijar Mahir (Telkom Group Indonesia)

RecruiterPal announces an exciting strategic partnership with Pijar Mahir platform to empower employers to reach out to Indonesia young tech professionals with ease. This partnership is in line with Pijar Mahir, a prominent edu-tech platform (under the ambit of Telkom Group Indonesia) that upskills over 750,000 young professionals in Indonesia with relevant and in-demand digital literacy skills.

About Pijar Mahir (Telkom Group Indonesia)

Pijar Mahir is a digital learning education platform that focuses on certified training to improve the competence and knowledge of young tech professionals in Indonesia through independent learning - The digital platform has more than 100 certifiable training courses, and covers a wide range of topics like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Encryption on Cyber Security and UI/UX Design,

Pijar Mahir is one of the few official digital partners for the Pre-Employment Card program that is run by the government of Indonesia since April 2020.

This partnership signifies a commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of digitizing the recruitment process. RecruiterPal and Pijar Mahir look forward to empowering individuals in their career journeys and assisting employers in finding the best talents.

With over 1,700,000 monthly active users across Indonesia (as of 2022), Pijar Mahir offers an excellent opportunity for employers that are in need of tech professionals for their organization.

Amplify your outreach to this huge pool of tech professionals at Pijar Mahir at no cost today.

Here's how to get started

  1. Log into your RecruiterPal account, select Pijar Mahir during the job portal selection process when you are creating a job opportunity in RecruiterPal.
  2. Whenever an applicant applies, you will be able to receive and review the application in your RecruiterPal system

It’s that easy!

New Indonesia Job Board Portal Pijar Mahir