Recruitment Marketing

Single-click outreach for your talent sourcing

Set your automation and watch it go about completing the tasks in the exact sequence. Build up the steps and conditions and let the automation take over.

  • Over 20+ recommended job sites and more

    Let RecruiterPal connect you to the millions of candidates across popular job sites in a single click.

  • Fresh graduate pools

    Get your entry-level job posting noticed by fresh graduates by reaching out to their school’s career portal automatically from RecruiterPal.

  • Social Media

    Get connected with passive candidates through social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, and have your job posting show up on your business page.

  • Employee referrals

    Source for your next hire by tapping on your employees and their networks by running your referral program through RecruiterPal.

Branded Career Portal

Branded careers page with a winning candidate experience

  • Careers page

    Establish a strong employer brand with a mobile-responsive careers page is easy with RecruiterPal - With zero code, and your creativity, inspire candidates to apply straightaway.

  • Tailored Application Form & Questionnaire

    Show candidates what you are looking for through a tailored application form and questionnaire and get more qualified information that you need for pre-screening.

Candidate Engagement

Engage with your candidate across all platforms

Why limit your engagement with the candidates, when you can amplify your outreach in the platforms that candidates use everyday?

  • WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram & SMS

    Engage with candidates seamlessly across popular chat applications and SMS platforms.

  • E-Interviews through Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet

    Arrange for e-interviews and send across the web call link using your organisation’s preferred platform of choice using our popular integrations for Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet.

Recruitment Pipeline

Tailor your workflow
the way you want

  • Custom Pipelines & View Access

    Whether the hiring team member is a peer interviewer or a senior executive, catering for how they view and access the hiring pipeline is a walk in the park with our custom pipelines.

  • Secondary Information Request

    Garner more information required for candidate evaluation no matter what stage the candidate is at, and have the information easily available for hiring team’s review.

  • Digitalized Interview Reviews

    Isn’t it annoying to have to decipher interviewers’ notes on candidates? It’s high time to get rid of these tasks by having these reviews filled out digitally, so no psychic abilities are required to understand interviewers’ recommendations!

  • Assessments

    Add to your understanding of the candidate’s skill proficiencies by sending skill assessments to the shortlisted candidates, and have the results captured on the same platform for hiring team’s evaluation.

Security & Governance

Enjoy a peace of mind when you hire

  • Logging and incident management

    All recruitment activities are logged and recorded – with a robust incident management process put in place to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

  • Application and network security

    Get the best-in-class application and network security infrastructure set up with your RecruiterPal account.

  • PDPA & GDPR Compliant

    Be compliant with the best-in-class practices for the collection of and access to personal data with RecruiterPal.

  • Strong and stable uptime

    Get a peace of mind with RecruiterPal, with a SLA of 99.99% local uptime.

Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable insights at your fingertips

  • Job level reporting

    Get the low down of your hiring cycle performance with rich visual displays and data tables on key metrics easily through your job analytics tab.

  • Report module

    Build the report you need with our easy user reports builder interface and share the generated reports easily with your team in a single click.

  • Custom report templates

    Every hiring team’s process is unique, and so are your reporting requirements. Create your own custom report templates and schedule them to run automatically for you at your preferred timing.

Build a first-class, digital hiring
journey with RecruiterPal

Recruitment is forever changed, post pandemic - Work with RecruiterPal to help
your organisation craft a digital hiring journey in the new world.


HRMS Integration

End the nightmare of doing manual data entry to your HRMS for every placed candidate with our HRMS partner integrations

Uptime Guarantee

With server maintenance and updates only done while you are asleep, get the peace of mind with a 99.99% local uptime.

Advance Customization

Let us help with any bespoke customizations required in order to ensure our platform works seamlessly in your organization.

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