Track and manage LinkedIn applications via email

New Feature

Track and manage LinkedIn applications easily using RecruiterPal

Leverage on LinkedIn Easy Apply feature and have the applications collated for you in RecruiterPal.

Collate and parse LinkedIn applications via email with our new feature enhancement! Previously, collating LinkedIn applications would require applicants to be redirected out of LinkedIn. With this new feature, you can track and receive LinkedIn applications submitted using LinkedIn's one-click Easy Apply via email.

Here's the 2 Easy Steps to enable LinkedIn Easy Apply applications via RecruiterPal

  1. Add a LinkedIn job posting to the job opportunity that you are sourcing for and mark the posting as posted
  2. Copy the tagged email address for the job posting and paste it into your job posting on LinkedIn

Two easy steps

Paste in the tagged email address and you are good to go!

And that's really it - LinkedIn applications will then be automatically collated for you. :)

What are the candidate information collated?

Here is a nifty list of candidate data that is collated via LinkedIn Easy Apply feature

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Contact Number
  • Work Experience
  • Education Experience
  • Resume Attachment