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From the smallest country in Southeast Asia, to the largest, RecruiterPal has made its first overseas stride into Indonesia, to support our clientele that operates across the region with our Jakarta office.

Why Indonesia?

With a staggering population number of 250 million and a tender median age of merely 28 years, Indonesia presents an enormous opportunity in the consumption of digital goods and services.

In a recent study by Polling Indonesia, conducted in cooperation with the Indoneisa Internet Providers Association (APJII), 171 million people, or 65% of the total population of Indonesia is connected to the internet in 2018.

Estimated at $40 billion in 2019, Indonesia’s Internet economy has also more than quadrupled in size since 2015 at an average growth rate of 49% a year. As the largest and fastest growing Internet economy in the region, Indonesia is well on track to cross the $130 billion mark by 20251.

Despite this impressive stride in terms of consumer personal internet access, corporations have not caught on the digital transformation wave equally well, and a large number of SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) are still operating in an offline silo - This extends to recruitment as well, and the majority of the companies in Indonesia do not offer job seekers an easy way to learn more about their company, and the opportunities available in their organization as they do not have any online presence.

A special welcome offer for companies in Indonesia

As a special welcome for progressive employers in Indonesia that would like to digitize and transform their recruitment process with us, you will receive a free employer branded career page when you sign up with us today!

With your very own careers page, brand and market your organization to scores of jobseekers that are online, and invite them to send in their applications seamlessly via your career portal.

Our recruitment management system is also available in Bahasa Indonesia, and you can toggle which language you want to set for the company within the system configuration settings.

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