Get More Done in Less Time through RPA

Recruitment Automation

If you, like many others, felt that last year was akin to a long endless plow of the fields, make it your New Year’s resolution to ease your workload and automate away some of the burdensome tasks with our automation suite!

So...What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that enables computer software to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process.

What are some features in RecruiterPal that can help me shed away my bullock cart of work?

  • Job posting and candidate management
  • Why post the same job posting information again and again, when it can be automated? By using RecruiterPal, you can easily amplify your outreach to millions of jobseekers - Simply choose the portals that you would like to send the job posting to and have it automatically posted out to the various portals. Application submissions from candidates that applied through the selected portals will also be collated for you in RecruiterPal for immediate review. So bid good bye to the tedious process of manual job posting, and say hello to more free time!

  • Paperless digital trails
  • Going paperless is not just for the environment these days - It's only practical, given that teams are working from home, and getting approvals, candidate evaluation, etc are made that much more difficult. Streamline and digitalize every workflow imaginable in the recruitment process with RecruiterPal, and derive the added benefit of having data insights automatically collated for you.

  • Contract generation
  • Have your letter of offer generated for you in the format you need, and send it across for approvals digitally before presenting it to your candidate for e-signing. Save trees while bidding adieu to painful data entry!

  • Scheduled Reports
  • Need to generate reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis? Schedule it to run in RecruiterPal, and let RecruiterPal send the generated report to you and to whoever you choose to share the report with. Set it once and let it run, while your coffee awaits.

  • Onboarding, without the data entry (!!)
  • Preparing for new employee onboarding need not be a nightmare - Let RecruiterPal help you initiate the seamless data transfer of your placed candidates as new employees in your HRMS; We've got your back, and get ready to welcome your new colleagues with our first-day onboarding checklist, that ensures everything is right in place to welcome them!

  • Prescreen your candidates and save hours/ month
  • Times may be tough, but it doesn't mean your work has to; Set in place your prescreening criteria for the job, and let RecruiterPal prescreen the candidates for you.(PS: You can even tell RecruiterPal to shortlist the candidate for an interview too!)

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