Google Workspace calendar and email integration

New Feature

Amp up your scheduling and emailing game and reach out to candidates at record speed, now assisted by the omni-present and all powerful Google workspace integration.

Ready, Set, Google

If you find scheduling interviews a chore, let Google scheduling assistant take over and show you what are the available time slots for multiple interviewers. Choose from the time slots, and invite the candidate for a web interview easily within RecruiterPal. All it takes is to set up your Google workspace and authenticate your email and calendar accounts in RecruiterPal, and here are the 2 steps for the one-time set up:

  1. Authenticate yourself
  2. Log into RecruiterPal and click on click on your name on the top black navigation bar > User Settings > Integration Accounts > Connect for Google. Enter in your login credentials for your Google account in the dialog and to enter 2FA (if required).

  3. Get yourself a coffee for being awesome
  4. Yes, you have just set in motion a powerful integration that will save you tons of time - Celebrate it with a coffee!

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