Talent Management Playbook for 2021 - Don't lose focus on the talents!

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This article is written as part of a 3-part series featuring guest articles from Indeed and Frontier e-HR.

Unprecedented Talent Disruption

While COVID-19 has disrupted the talent acquisition space and the resultant economic turmoil may have thrown companies off the path of talent growth, a huge role remains for talent acquisition professionals to step up and pave the way forward for the organisation to thrive in the new landscape.

Despite the many negatives that are brought on by the pandemic, we see that there is also ample opportunity for talent acquisition professionals to ride on the wave of digitalisation to bring their organisation’s recruitment process to the next frontier.

In this article, learn about the various tools and robotic process automation that has been done by our clients to continually build on their talent pipeline.

Problem #1 : Hiring without seeing the candidate in person

This was a tough hurdle to overcome for talent acquisition professionals, who are used to arranging for physical interviews to catch up and meet with candidates as part of the recruitment process. With borders locked down and movement restrictions within the country, talent acquisition professionals have little time but to adapt quickly to the use of web conferencing tools to conduct interviewers.

Problem # 2: Collaborative hiring while working from home

Besides grappling with the steep curve of learning about web conferencing tools, it was also more difficult for talent acquisition professionals to collaborate with hiring managers to make decisive hiring actions as the majority of the workforce are working from home, or are placed on different rotational teams to return to the office.

Client Solution: Set up Zoom calls and trigger invitations to candidates and interviewers through RecruiterPal

Through an integration with Zoom and the client’s calendar system, we were able to empower recruiters to trigger web call invitations with the embedding of Zoom web call links to candidates and interviewers through RecruiterPal. This integration also do away with the need to check for available interview time slots with hiring managers with our scheduling assistant, transforming this otherwise complex back-and-forth process into single step - A big step in time savings for hiring managers and recruiters!

Bonus feature : Hiring managers e-interview assessment forms

With RecruiterPal, recruiters do not have to decipher the (sometimes) cryptic handwriting of the hiring managers when collating the interview assessment forms - This is automated through our digital interview review forms, which hiring managers can assess to input their evaluation of the interviewee easily.

Problem #3: Breaking down physical barriers in candidate offer management process

When it comes to making an offer to the candidate, it can get difficult arranging for the candidate to come down physically to sign the document during this period of time. In addition, making the salary proposal and getting the internal approvals prior to sharing the offer with the candidate is also made near impossible with the remote team working arrangements.

Client Solution : A seamless digital offer management workflow

Through an API integration with the client’s e-signing solution, we enable the entire offer management workflow to be digitalised once a candidate has been identified for offer. Garnering the necessary approvals and sign-offs from the internal stakeholders, generating the contract document and sending the offer to the candidate for e-signing have never been easier.

Problem #4: Manual data entry to HRMS

Having captured most of the necessary candidate data during the recruitment phase, it often befuddles HR teams when they have to do manual data entry to upload the same information about the placed candidate(s) into their HR management system and create a new employee record. There is a better way. :)

Client Solution : A flawless data transition over to Client’s HRMS

Through an SFTP integration with client’s HRMS, Frontier e-HR, a partner of RecruiterPal, we enabled a flawless data transition process to send over the placed candidate information and also create the new employee record at the same time. Information required to set up the employee’s payroll (e.g. bank account details) can also be collected during the recruitment process and have the details transferred securely into the HRMS.

Problem #5: Not hiring at the moment?

There is hardly any organisation that isn’t impacted by COVID-19 and it’s economic consequences. However, even if your organisation is implementing a hiring freeze at the moment, you can still burrow in and prepare for economic recovery and growth during this down time. Besides investing and implementing tools to help you cope with a digitalised recruitment process, you could also take the opportunity to share on your career portal and/or social media platforms about what it is like to work as a team during a crisis like this, and highlight the positive moments that makes the organisation a force to reckon with. In these posts, always leave a way for candidates to stay in touch, or drop their resume for consideration. Building your talent pipeline now will prove to be a valuable investment later when the organisation is poised for growth.

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