Have it ready
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Isn’t it bothersome to pull out the contract template, enter in the offer terms manually and hoping that you didn’t misspell any terms? Let RecruiterPal generate the offer contract for you, mistake-free.

Contract Generation

Remove the friction by generating employment contracts with the given offer terms easily with RecruiterPal.

Contactless integration

Manage the entire candidate offer approval and acceptance process digitally, from start to finish.

Tailored workflows

Choose the offer workflow required for the candidate offer, and let RecruiterPal track and handle the workflow for you.

made easy

Let your candidates e-sign and accept the offer contract effortlessly through your choice of the preferred e-signing vendor solution. Send the offer link to the candidate via SMS, WhatsApp or email, and get the offer signed, fuss-free!

Status tracking

Manage and track the status of candidate offers easily with RecruiterPal, with candidate offer status updates in real-time.

Email notifications

Get instant updates on the candidate offer process through our email notifications- Keeping the hiring team updated has never been easier.

Analytics integration

Draw key data insights from your candidate offer reports easily and deep dive into the analytics of candidate offer management.

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Lighten your load with RecruiterPal, as we fast-track your transition to a digital hiring process.

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