One-click job posting

Have your job posting posted automatically to popular job boards, social media and community sites in one click.

Manpower Requisition

Streamline requisition approvals and process flows easily with our manpower requisition module.

E-signing and Offer

Generate offer documents and accelerate the offer process with e-singing, approval workflows and more.

Robotic Process Automation

Take recruitment to the next level by empowering yourself with the ability to automate screening and scheduling tasks.

Chat-powered Engagement

Engage with candidartes seamlessly across popular chat applications and SMS platforms.

Trusted Data Security

Be in 100% compliance with regulatory requirements as an employer, when collecting and managing personal data.

Speedy Setup

Have your system implemented within days, so that you can get straight to picking the best hires.

Reporting and Analytics

Get the insights you need at your fingertips from RecruiterPal's reports module or job-level analytics.

Built for Scale

Handle multiple entities seamlessly across geographies and teams, all on your RecruiterPal platform.

Dynamic Applications

Tailor your application form and questionnaire to get more qualified information for candidate pre-screening.

Branded Career Portal

Establish a strong employer brand with a mobile-responsive careers page that delights candidates.

Collaborative Hiring

Involving your hiring team in the recruitment process is made simple with our hiring team and user role management.

Staff Referrals

Source for your next hire by tapping on your employees and their networks by running your referral program using RecruiterPal.

Interview Scorecards

Create an objective hiring evaluation process easily through the use of interview review scorecards.

Plug & Play Partners

Choose from our rich ecosystem of assessment tools, HRMS and many other partners to power-charge your hiring process.

Job Description Templates

Hire faster with thousands of job descriptions and skillsets powered througth SSG's National Skills Frameworks.


Meet candidates digitally through the use of e-interview tools of your choice - Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets and more.

Omni-Channel Support

Access our help desk or reach our support team easily via in-app live chat, email or phone.

Email and Calendar Integration

Stay connected and engaged with our email and calendar app syncing to keep abreast of calendar schedules and email notifications.

Searchable Candidate Profiles

Set up automated filter views of candidate profiles to find your ideal candidates.

Customized Pipelines

Set your hiring pipelines to how you would like it to be for your hiring team's needs.


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