Hiring conventions are changing, can your methods keep up?

Utilize remote interviews, e-signed offers and other handy tools to keep your hiring advantage in this ever-changing environment.

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“We love using RecruiterPal. It’s been a wonderful experience.”
“RecruiterPal helps us to significantly reduce our hiring cycle time at NTUC.”
“The system automates everything and we can locate files easily.”
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Powerful tools for tackling different hiring challenges

Every hire comes unique. That is why our solutions are made to be comprehensive and adaptable to your requirements. Workflows are aligned within teams and mundane tasks automated – to give your team a lighter and cleaner hiring experience.

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Background Cubes

Better hires, easier management, and a happy team

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate repetitive tasks in your workflows

Our process automation aims to free your team’s focus from mundane tasks for higher-value matters. All the way from pre-screening candidates to scheduling interviews, our RPAs got you covered.

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Omni-channel Engagement

Chat with, SMS or meet your candidate in virtual reality

Candidates can come in different shapes and sizes. So, we are giving you all the options to engage your hire in their preferred manner – create a frictionless hiring experience for your candidate!

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E-signing & Manpower Requisition

Get requisitions and offers approved, pronto

Say goodbye to messy paperwork by digitalizing your workflows. When you go paperless, not only can you work faster remotely, the chances of a data privacy breach is lowered.

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You will be in good hands, we promise

See why strong HR teams are continuously attracted to our software and how we empower their teams to hire the best for their organizations.

4,229 Happy users
46,849 Hours saved
2,852,094 CVs processed
“RecruiterPal helps us to cut down our recruitment processing time, and allow us to work more on caring for our people.”

Designed and tailored for the best HR teams in Asia

Designed and tailored for the best HR teams in Asia


Companies love RecruiterPal, here’s why

Speedy Setup

Have your system implemented within days, so that you can get straight to picking the best hires.

Omni-Channel Support

Access our help desk or reach our support team easily via in-app live chat, email or phone.

Built for Scale

Larger companies love us because we scale to their needs. Handle multiple entities and geographies, only on RecruiterPal

Borderless e-Recruiting

Go digital and enjoy the freedom of managing your organization’s hiring workflows from anywhere you may be.

Plug & Play Partners

Choose from our rich partner ecosystem of assessment tools, HRMS and many others to power-charge your recruitment process.

Trusted Data Security

Be in 100% compliance with regulatory requirements as an employer, when collecting and managing personal data.


Build the perfect hiring experience for your team

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