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Stop flashing
those privates!

When your hiring workflow reveals personal information to unauthorised personnel, even if it's unintentional, you are at risk ...

Of a big fine.

Are you guilty of indecent exposure?

Complete our quiz to find out.

Exposure Test
1. When seeking data consent from candidates submitting job applications on your career page, you…
Place a consent checkbox, but do not store any information about the consent
Place a consent checkbox, ensuring that their consent will be tracked
Insert fine print in your data privacy policy that entitles you to sell their first born
Assume that they naturally gave consent when they choose to apply
2. After collecting candidate applications, you…
Make your hiring managers sign a non-disclosure agreement to access the candidate data
Allow your team to send marketing messages to the candidates beyond what was consented.
Allow all hiring managers access to all application details and CVs by default
Use and disclose the personal information solely for the purpose of recruitment and only to relevant personnel
You sell their personal information to loansharks
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Exposure Test
3. When candidates are asked to submit their personal information as part of their application, you…
Point the candidates to a dummy privacy policy page
Start prepping your marketing team on harvesting these candidates as leads
Notify the candidate about the purposes on collecting, use or disclosure of their personal data through your organisation’s privacy policy
4. When a candidate requests to withdraw or update his/her application, you…
Ignore their request(s)
Tell the candidate that his/her application is invalidated after the recruitment window closes
Allow an easy way for the candidate to withdraw or update his/her application by themselves
Verify your candidate through a face-to-face session before allowing a live update
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Exposure Test
5. When a candidate reapplies for a new job opportunity after some time, you...
Simply refer to the candidate’s application that was submitted years ago
Refer to the the previous application information, but input missing fields to save time
Allow the candidate to send in an updated CV and related information that would be evaluated for the purpose of recruitment
You attach the CV of another candidate of the same name to the new application
6. When handling job applications, you…
You toss the applications over to a bunch of interns to enter the data manually
Use a system that filters applications to their respective hiring team
Use a central shared email inbox for general applications
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Exposure Test
7. When reviewing a candidate, you…
Personally email the correct CV to your hiring manager
Pin the application on a board for your team to review fairly (your company is less than 10 persons)
Use a fingerprint identification system to authorise personnel accessing the applications
Review it with friends, family, and your friendly neighbourhood loan shark
Use a system that only allows approved personnel to review
8. When storing candidate applications, you…
Don’t store but sell them to the highest bidder
Store them in a shared folder within a shared drive
Use a system to manage the purging schedule of when the information is no longer relevant for recruitment purposes
Store them in an protected excel sheet and delete the information as needed
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Exposure Test
9. On the storage location of candidate details, you…
Work with a cloud system provider to ensure the information is safely stored, but might not be in Singapore
Definitely do not store it in Singapore
Work with a cloud system provider to ensure the information is safely stored in Singapore
Store it 5cm above the right eye of the merlion, protected by government agents and your own security task force
10. When setting up your job application form, you…
Ask for their mother’s maiden name or the name of their favourite pet
Remove fields that are not required for a proper evaluation
Ask for the candidate’s NRIC/FIN
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Manage and track jobseeker consent

Ensure that your recruitment data collection practices are aligned with the best practices stipulated under PDPA - Obtain proper consent and allow jobseekers to manage withdrawal of consent easily.

Ensure only authorized access to data

Making the applicant information accessible to only authorised personnel (e.g. hiring managers and recruiters) has never been easier; Simply set your hiring team members and let the system handle the rest.