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How to safeguard your workplace from Coronavirus

Coronavirus - Keeping your workplace safe and virus-free

 This is a short visual guide to help you to safeguard your workplace. Following the publication of this guide, Singapore has raised from DORSCON Yellow to DORSCON Orange, and introduced additional precautionary measures. Please note that this should not be taken as medical advice. 

Coronavirus - Keeping your workplace safe and virus-free

During this period, some of your colleagues could be turning up for work as per normal. However, there are two groups that may be under special circumstances and should not be turning up at the workplace - Person(s) Under Quarantine (PUQ) and Employees on Leave of Absence (LOA).

Persons under Quarantine PUQ

Leave of Absence LOA 

As of 8th February 2020, the Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) has instituted a new measure, where all current work pass holders with travel history to mainland China within the last 14 days will have to be approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before they can return to Singapore. The new rule applies to all such workers regardless of their nationality who plan to enter Singapore, and also applies to in-principle approval (IPA) holders who have not entered Singapore yet, as well as individuals holding dependant's or long-term visit passes issued by MOM. Employers must apply for permission 3 days before the intended arrival date of the work pass holders using the following online form.      

In doing so, employers are required to declare to MOM that they have arranged for suitable premises to house returning employees for the duration of the mandatory 14-day leave of absence, which either includes a confirmation by a landlord to house the worker for the LOA period or show that the employer has booked or secured accommodation for the worker. Employers who need help to get accomodation for their employees can email or call 1800-333-9999.       


Employer turning up for work

For the rest of the employees that are turning up for work, it will be good to kickstart temperature taking at least 2x a day, and designate a Flu Manager who will coordinate such efforts. At the same time, obtain travel declaration from employees that are making travel plans during this period, and to defer travel to Mainland China if possible. If any of the employees are unwell, provide them with a surgical mask and require them to seek medical attention as soon as possible. We recommend the dissemination of infographics and related resources on how to upkeep personal hygiene, which can be found on Ministry of Health (MOH) website (Link included below). Templates on temperature tracking, as well as travel declaration are also available in the links to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website provided below. 

Business Continuity Planning

Together keep workplace safe


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